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Who We Are

Doug Groves, Principal

Doug Groves is the force behind EZ CERT and our Certificate Tracking System.  With his multi-faceted background as an Area Developer for Boneheads and The Tilted Kilt, Doug brings the expertise of the franchise industry to EZ CERT. He maintains ownership in 3 insurance agencies and continues to do franchise development. He is an avid pilot and family man. He has a wife and 3 adult children. Doug is passionate about philanthropy and is filled with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Nicole Schmidt

Andrea Denton

Dwight Groves

Heath Groves

Our Team

EZ CERT has a team with a combined 50+ years insurance experience. We are trained to quickly and efficiently identify compliance issues based on your corporate FDD. We are insurance professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a magnitude of specialties. 


Our team includes insurance customer service representatives, insurance consultants, insurance agents, and multi-franchise area developers.  With our diverse team, we are sure to cover your Franchise requirements and provide you with efficient and effective Certificate Tracking. In addition to our vast insurance knowledge, we also have the ability to review the impact of your current insurance requirements and make suggestions to discuss with your legal team.


At EZ CERT, we pride ourselves in being the very best option for our clients and will work with you through the implementation process of our Certificate Tracking Solution.